7 Reasons to Maintain a Company Blog

What is a blog?

A web log, or blog, is a type of website typically maintained by making regular entries, or posts.

Who blogs?

Individuals blog, companies blog and so do government agencies, news outlets, sports franchises and celebrities. Anyone, really, can blog.

Most small businesses, if they have a website at all, have a site with basic information – hours of operation, contact information, address and a little bit about the core of what they do. It is pretty much an online brochure. It is what would be called a static website.

Prior to blogging, it wasn’t practical for most individuals to have a website. Well, the playing field has been leveled. Now, individuals can set up a blog around any area of interest they choose, connecting with people of like mind. A company benefits for the same reasons?

A blog not only allows for regular posting of content (news, updates, articles of interest, calendar of events, photos, links, video and much more), but also allows the reader to leave comments in an interactive format creating an online environment of interaction that becomes quite dynamic.

Well here are 7 good reasons to start Blogging:

1.  It will help people to find you (prospects, customers, employees, strategic partners).
2.  You can engage and understand those people listed above better.
3.  You are seen as an expert in your field – a thought Leader.
4.  Great content gives people a reason to keep coming back to your website.
5.  Blogs are a much more trusted source of information than a company’s sales material.
6.  It moves customers to a conversion point of trusting and believing enough to buy.
7.  And a big one, by writing you are learning.

So, get with someone who can help you get started and get going today!

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